Musicians need to pump up their PR volume to combat AI generated music

In the age of rapid technological advancement, it’s no surprise that the Indian music industry is being affected. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), music creation has become faster and easier, leading to the question of whether Indian musicians will become obsolete in the face of AI-generated music.

AI generated music

AI-generated music is created entirely by algorithms, with little to no input from real humans. It’s capable of producing seamless music with lyrics that could rival those made by human musicians. In fact, there have been instances where people were unable to distinguish between AI-generated music and music made by humans.

How musicians can stay relevant

This raises the question of how Indian musicians, including all singers, Bollywood composers and lyricists can stay relevant and combat this technological advancement. The answer lies in Music PR. By thoroughly exploiting the potential of being featured on various websites on the Internet, musicians can ensure their visibility and stay relevant.

Music PR agencies in India can help musicians stay visible and present in the music industry. By having their music featured on various websites, musicians can expand their audience and increase their chances of being discovered by new fans in India and abroad. Furthermore, by having a strong online presence, musicians can increase their chances of being signed by a label or booking more gigs.

Here are some ways that Indian musicians can use PR to combat the threat of AI-generated music:

Consistently feature on various news websites including Bollywood websites: Indian musicians should aim to feature on various news and entertainment websites regularly. They can choose the category of sites which work best for them, between New-Age websites, Veteran websites and Legacy websites. By doing so, they can ensure their visibility and reach a wider audience. Furthermore, featuring on websites that cater to specific genres can help target the right audience.

Embed songs from YouTube and Instagram within news items: Embedding songs within news items placed on websites can help increase the chances of people discovering the musician’s music. It’s important to ensure that the embedded songs are relevant to the news item and will engage the audience.

Use social media effectively: By sharing these news articles on their social media that feature their music, musicians can expand their audience and engage with their fans.

Leverage the power of PR

It’s important for music producers, singers, composers, lyricists and even music video makers to understand the consequences of not consistently pumping up their PR through some top best news websites in India and not being visible on Google in a big way. If they fail to do so, they risk being left behind in the ever-changing music industry. With the rise of AI-generated music, musicians need to stay relevant and present in order to continue pursuing their passion.

In conclusion, the threat of AI-generated music may seem daunting, but it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. By leveraging the power of PR, musicians can stay relevant and increase their visibility in the music industry. With a strong online presence and consistent features on various news websites, musicians can ensure that they remain visible and engage with their fans.

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