Japanese man eating Vada Pav is winning the Internet

In a video uploaded on Instagram by a user Koki Shishido, we can see him purchasing 2 vada pavs from a shop. In the video he can be seen speaking Hindi so well and asks for the street food. Then he gives one of the vada pavs to a man sitting on the roadside.

After that, he can be seen enjoying the vada pav. He starts by having a piece of green chilli then he eats the vada pav and instantly loves it.

He says, “This is very tasty. It is my favourite breakfast in Maharashtra.”

Ever since he uploaded this video, it has been viewed one million times, and has more than 142K likes. Netizens commented on his vada pav-eating style and appreciated him. One netizen commented, “Finally non Indian eating vada pav correctly….sorry but Indian food take a bit of practice to eat, usually foreigners mess up a bit….but I love that u love vada pav hahahahahaha”.

Another user commented, “How can you eat green chillies so casually?”

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